PsimatiX™ - Awareness - Attunement - Intention - Wholeness
A synergistic approach to healing and conscious evolution.

Leigh Spusta, Creator of PsimatiX

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The intent behind the PsimatiX™ processes is simple; to provide a solid, functional foundation that one can build upon in their journey of healing, self-discovery, and the evolution of consciousness. These processes are predicated upon certain scientific observations and some undeniable truths regarding behavior and awareness. The quintessence of the myriad of behavioral, physical, and metaphysical modalities is realized in a synergistic formula - Awareness - Attunement - Intention - Wholeness. This is not necessarily a linearly applied process, but rather a non-linear systemic approach to holistic well-being and enhancement...

The study of the effects of sound upon matter is called cymatics. In essence, there is a three-dimensional form to sound, and when this sound pattern is harmonic and coherent, so is its' form. Dr. Hans Jenny, a pioneer in the field, was able to repeatedly demonstrate examples of this form using sound and sand. He identified and reproduced many mandala-like patterns, as well as very complex forms that were unmistakable. For instance, a dragonfly, complete with its' double set of wings, antennae, and all. Consider the implications here; are we formed by vibrational templates? Are we affected by vibrational patterns? Hasn't quantum physics been echoing the most ancient philosophies, stating that all existence is vibrational and created from such? Yes? This is the core of vibrational medicine... We are quantifiably affected by both harmony and disharmony, according to its' presence in our environment. It is here that we should consider the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, his "messages from water". He has photographed water crystals that have been exposed to a variety of "vibrations", namely words. The results have been compelling... in his own words, “... Words are the vibrations of nature.Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature.Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.” And aren't we approximately 80% water ourselves? The bottom line is this : Like attracts like, vibration affects vibration, our thoughts are vibration, and our thoughts are attracting our present reality. It is time to consider the ancient concept that Vibration + Intention = Manifestation.
Let us consider a simple path towards wholeness that is in harmony with all modalities - PsimatiX™...

The four core concepts of the PsimatiX™ formula :

Awareness - We begin to develop Awareness the moment we recognize a sense of imbalance in our life. We accelerate this increase in Awareness by cultivating an open-ness and willingness to feel, and to look at those things in our life that we tend to "sweep under the rug". This should be balanced by a recognition of the things that we are grateful for. We begin to experience the connection between our mind and our body through moments of observation, noticing how greatly one affects the other, and noticing the actual illusion of separateness. Engaging in meditative exercises and employing tools that shift consciousness broaden our perceptual base, leading to greater and enhanced Awareness, and this, in turn, leads to greater understanding and insight into our beingness, our life.

Attunement - Our increased Awareness gives us the sense of what is working for us and what is not. We begin to "separate the wheat from the chaff", and this naturally begins to affect our choices in life. Now we begin to look for the thoughts, feelings, ideas, people, events, and opportunities that resonate with us as being in harmony with the life we wish to live. We can also employ tools that bring us into an experience of harmony and alignment, within ourselves and with the world around us. Coherent, harmonic vibrational energy is a great tool of Attunement, precise sound patterns delivered properly can have a great impact in this process.

Intention - A conglommerate of thought, ideal, concept, image, and feeling that is congruent with one's personal wholistic purpose. This unit of Intention is maintained as the undercurrent of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and develops into a vibrational pattern that we send of into the Universe like a beacon. The Universe responds in kind by creating circumstances and opportunies that match our Intention, and we move toward Wholeness.

Wholeness - Wholeness is simply the experience of things being "right", a lasting sense of peace, balance, and joy. For some this is also a sense of being "on purpose", that life is meaningful and precious. We continue to employ the techniques of Awareness, Attunement, and Intention, in order to maintain and expand this wonderful state of being, Wholeness.

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