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- Distant Images -
A Sonic Gateway for Your Inner Journey

PLAY Track 2 - "Inner Depths"

The soundscapes on this recording have been specifically designed to produce states of profound relaxation and expanded awareness. The sounds have a tendency to move throughout the body, vibrating at a deep level, bringing the listener to a state of insightful awareness and balance. Targets a low alpha and theta brainwave state. 10 tracks totaling approximately 40 minutes.

Do not use while driving.

- Mysteries of the Frontier -
Entrancing Flavors of East and West for Your Inner Journey

PLAY 6 min version - "Eastern Mystery"

Embark on a new adventure, echoes of times past ripple through the sounds.
Track 1 : Eastern Mystery - Provokes a sense of Tibet and India, providing a steady platform for your spiritual journey. 19 minutes.
Track 2 : Western Mystery - Conjures the desert expanse of the Old West, a meeting with the shaman... insight and imagination. 23 minutes.
These tracks paint an inner picture that allows you to flow into experiences of imagery, insight, awareness, spiritual activation.

Do not use while driving.

- The Brainwave Bundle -
An Exploration of Awareness Through Sound

Play clip from - "Beta 13Hz - Spiral Spheres"

Play clip from - "Alpha 8Hz - Exploration of Being"

Play clip from - "Theta 6HZ - Journey of Creation"

Play clip from - "Delta 3Hz - Dream Echoes "

This new compilation has been developed by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Expert Leigh Spusta as a series of four tracks, one for each brainwave rhythm. By targeting specific brainwave activity, the listener moves into the states of consciousness that best suit the needs of the moment. This powerful compilation serves as a very useful and enjoyable tool for shifting consciousness. Over 2 hours of audio playtime.

Do not use while driving.

- The Seven Chakra Attunements -

PLAY Track 2 - "Sacral Chakra Attunement"

Balance and align your chakras, creating a blissful, relaxed state of being. Introducing the Chakra Attunement Audio Suite - Over 100 minutes of pristine, carefully crafted entrancing soundscapes created by Leigh Spusta and powered by PsimatiX. Close your eyes and breathe deeply as these soundscapes attune and balance each chakra, the seven energy centers of the body. Establish a sense of blissful relaxation through the use of these tracks. It is helpful to visualize the color of each chakra as you listen. Targets an alpha brainwave state. Utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology. Each of the seven recordings is one continuous 15 minute track.

Do not use while driving.

- Opening the Third Eye -
Psychic Intuition Program

PLAY clip from - "Opening the Third Eye"

Awaken your psychic intuition and experience heightened awareness through guided imagery, hypnosis, and powerful soundscapes...This powerful 30 minute program can be used when you seek insight, but is most potent when used regularly, developing your psychic intuition steadily over time.

Do not use while driving.

- Mystic Ascension -
Entrancing SoundScapes

PLAY Track 1 - "Embarkation"

A journey of self awareness and expanded consciousness is gracefully attained through a series of seven tracks, each designed to create and maintain depth, balance and expansion. The soundscapes on this recording have been specifically designed to produce states of profound relaxation and expanded awareness. Targets an alpha brainwave state. Total Time - 44 minutes.

Do not use while driving.

- Elemental Currents -
Awaken to Gaia's Embrace

PLAY Track 3 - "Web of Harmonium"

Gently move into the sonic currents of flowing experience, where you can glide deeply into relaxation, and your mind begins to expand and connect with the essence of Earth's healing and life-affirming energies. This album consists of four tracks - "Etheral Voyager", "Enchanted Waters of Light", "Web of Harmonium", and "Stratospheric Envelope".This work is intended to assist you in creating the ideal space for relaxation and stress-reduction, healing, meditation, hypnosis,and mind expansion. 38 minutes.

Do not use while driving.

- The DreamScape -
Portal Into Creative Dreaming

PLAY clip from - "The DreamScape"

Allow yourself to be gently guided into a state of body-asleep / mind-awake, a twilight state of awareness that is marked by an expanded consciousness, much like that of a lucid dream. After bringing you into a very deep relaxation, you will find yourself conjuring up the very feeling of being in a dream as you navigate through a beautiful environment. At the end of the imagery journey, you are invited to explore this realm for yourself, and discover the insight and adventure that is available to you in The DreamScape. This program utilizes advanced hypnosis and imagery techniques to effortlessly guide you into this wonderful state of awareness. 40 minutes.

Do not use while driving.

- The Opus Magmum -
Attuning to the Sacred Keys of Existence

PLAY clip from - "The Opus Magnum"

This composition was created to assist you in creating a space of Awareness, Attunement, and Intention. This recording is a mirror, a vibrational and mathematical representation of the harmonic and sacred geometry of the Universe. It has been rendered in such a way as to create the fertile ground for your greatest work, whether it be trance-oriented processwork, or the building up of your own personal power, or to bring about your will into manifestation. Targets a low alpha and theta brainwave state. 33 minutes.

Do not use while driving.

- Journey Through Mystical Realms -

PLAY clip from - "Journey Through Mystical Realms"

Embark onto a new journey through Mystical Realms, follow the path of the spiritual warrior, seekers of wisdom, mystics and shamans. A new road to personal power and wisdom opens before you, the landscape of Life is your guide in the unfolding of your enchanted experience. The rich tapestry of sound and music carries you through a series of shifts, sonic events that move you and enable you to access higher states of consciousness, your meditative journey deepens to new levels. This 30 minute recording uses solfeggio tuning to bring you closer to the harmonics of nature, and has been encoded with a constant brainwave rhythm of 4.7 Hz which is in the low theta range, allowing you to access deep states of awareness, perfect for potent meditation, and mystical experiences.

Do not use while driving.

- Spirit Quest -
A Journey of Discovery and Insight

PLAY clip from - "Spirit Quest"

As the soundscape begins, you are ushered into a realm of endless opportunity for adventure and self discovery. Begin by seeing yourself on a path, notice how and where it opens before you, this is your spiritual quest. The musical backdrop will carry into a space of magic, insight, and curiosity. After a time, you are gently brought into a deeper state that supports the further development and undfolding of your journey, you will notice how your inner world is rich with feeling and wisdom, there is no telling who, where, when, or what you may experience, but be sure you will get a sense of being connected at a higher, more spiritual level. 27 min

Do not use while driving.

- The Warrior's Emanation -
Emotional Healing and Spiritual Empowerment

PLAY clip from - "The Warrior's Emanation"

The deeply relaxing and moving music in this powerful new track is here to assist the listener in : Enhancing Your Spiritual Power - Pushing through Emotional Blocks - Releasing Old or Negative Emotions - Creating New Perspectives on Challenging Issues and Situations - Empowerment to Create Positive Changes - Accumulating and Harnessing Spiritual Energy - Fueling Your Spiritual / Metaphysical Pursuits - Journeying Deeper into Consciousness. 20 minutes

Do not use while driving.

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